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Meet Voodoo Bayous Regional Director

Meet Voodoo Bayous Regional Director

Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Adnane Chalf learned hospitality at home from his father Mohamed Chalf and his mother Khadija Chelfi. Hospitality is a big part of the Moroccan culture especially when you go to someone’s home. By the age of 19, Adnane moved to Washington D.C. and started his restaurant career in fine dining. He started as a dishwasher as he was attending school to learn English. He worked his way up the ranks working in fine dining restaurants most of his years living in Washington D.C. 

He moved to Florida in 2004 and kept working on learning from some of his favorite mentors in the hospitality business such as Ellen Daily at Spoto’s Oyster bar and the late Paul Emmett at Duffy’s Sports Grill. He joined the True Grit Hospitality Group in 2021 as a General Manager of Voodoo Bayou and embraced our culture and values immediately. He continues to treat our guests by simply carrying what he learned at a young age from his parents, treating every guest with great hospitality as if they were in their home in Casablanca. 

Husband to Nicole Hanzas Chalf for 20 years and a father to 14-year-old son Ali and 12-year-old daughter Zahra, today he worked his way to become our Regional Director of our Voodoo Bayou concept and plans to carry his genuine hospitality mindset with us for years to come!