After changing careers after 20 years in Information Technology, Chef Jim Furci started to make waves in the Florida Culinary world, and since 2007, he's perfected his kitchen skills!
True Grit Hospitality | Meet our True Grit Hospitality Executive Sous Chef
True Grit Hospitality, Executive, Sous Chef
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Meet our True Grit Hospitality Executive Sous Chef

Meet our True Grit Hospitality Executive Sous Chef

Jim Furci is a New York native who was born in Brooklyn and grew up in West Babylon, Long Island. He realized his love for food at an early age. He can remember cooking eggs on a gas stovetop at the age of 3 while standing on a step stool in his parent’s home in Brooklyn. At the age of 18, when he was contemplating studying culinary arts, his father had passed and he choose a different career path that eventually brought him to South Florida in 1993. After 20 plus years in Information Technology, he never lost his passion for cooking. He had always loved to cook and create. He learned as much as he could over the years to continue his growth in the kitchen.

In 2007, he decided to make a career change. He started working with local food events such as South Beach Wine and Food, Palm Beach Food and Wine, Garlic Fest (to name a few) and also as a Private Chef. One of his favorite places to work was Swank farms, where he had helped with their farm to table events for 5 seasons.

Chef Jim was also co-founder of Florida Food & Farm Magazine, a printed and online publication that connected consumers and chefs to locally sourced ingredients throughout the state of Florida. Along with that, he was Managing Partner & Resident Chef for Culinary Performance Media where he designed and launched the world’s largest mobile kitchen theater named T.R.U.C.K! and also the first mobile nightclub called TRANCE.

Chef Jim has also appeared on The Food Network & Cooking Channel’s show called Food Quest with Robin Leach, Blue Collar Backers on the Discovery Channel and a few local/national TV shows.